Virgin Group
Defining a red-hot company culture
Virgin Group needed to define what it meant to ​“Be Virgin” to give their people a strong sense of identity to rally behind and reassert the Virgin brand as a challenger. We set about uncovering the true Virgin difference, the commonality between the brands that would guide the culture and attract the best talent. We distilled the insights down into a series of narratives and a final proposition, to create a powerful call to arms that captured the duality of the Virgin experience: a celebration of the individual and the collective, of hard work and big dreams.
A promise created by employees
Through a mix of employee workshops, collaborative working groups, and consultations across a number of Virgin Companies we defined the components of their unique culture and the common characteristics of their ideal person.
A celebration of the individual and the collective
The final People Promise is grounded in Virgin’s purpose and works as pairs of statements to capture the essence of what it’s like to work at Virgin.
Bringing the promise to life for employees
We facilitated a one-day workshop with the People team to define what makes a great employee experience and identify key hallmarks and priority areas to kick-start the activation of the People Promise.
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