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EVP and Employer Brand
EVP and employer brand can no longer simply be ​‘recruitment advertising’ — The evp articulates the guiding principles that underpin culture: an expression of the demand and offer, the place you’re aiming for and the path you’ll take. The employer brand is both the visual signal of what you stand for, but also the reputation you earn when you deliver on the employment promise.
Competitor audit
An effective employer brand relies on genuine differentiation – which in turn relies on a smart, comprehensive view of the competitor landscape, allowing brands to compete against peers and discover and defend unique opportunity spaces.
Talent segmentation
We know that one-size does not fit all; nowhere is this more true than in talent, where different roles, functions and geographies all attract different interests, offer different rewards, and demand very different traits and qualities. An intelligent segmentation is vital if messages and propositions are to be targeted effectively.
Employee Value Proposition
The EVP is at the heart of your people strategy – the essential ‘give and get’ for both current and future talent, they reason they join and stay. It has to identify and wrap together not only the great things that make you special – but also balance this with a notion of what the business asks in return; by doing so it becomes a vital tool to shape culture and performance.
Persona mapping
Personas are hugely valuable for anyone who has to engage with audiences; whether through communications, marketing, interviewing or any other kind of interaction, being able to visualize your audience, and understand typical needs, drivers and motivations enables users to better deliver for them.
Candidate experience
The first few interactions between candidates and potential employers are hugely influential to the perceptions that candidate create, and therefore to their responses and connection with the brand. Get it right and the right candidate will gravitate to you – improving both recruitment and retention.
Employer brand identity
Attracting the best and right talent has never been harder – and in a media landscape where consumers of all kinds are skilled at filtering noise, spotting signals and interpreting imagery, it’s vital that your employer brand identity projects exactly the right tone and visual message – true both to your master brand as well as your values and evp.
Employer brand assets
Once you’ve developed the employer brand identity, it needs to be put to work – across all of your physical, experiential, digital and interactive assets. This requires a combination of a sympathetic understanding of the employer brand itself; knowledge of the media; understanding of audience; and a deep commitment to delivering impact and results.
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