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Brand and Purpose
An authentic brand provides meaning and direction for your business. It’s both a guiding principle, offering wisdom and focus, as well as a powerful idea, creating connection and empathy. When fully brought to life it generates trust and drives choice and loyalty both inside and out — ultimately to help you to perform better, connect deeper and have a more positive impact on the world around us.
Purpose must do more than simply express a deeply held belief: it must also answer to a change that you can really make in the world. A practical tool that guides everything from strategy and decision making right through to everyday ways of working.
Values need to encapsulate ideas that your people can easily understand ready put into action. They must feel relevant and applicable, be connected to your purpose and go beyond the table-stakes that now everyone expects from work.
Mission and Vision
All organisations need clarity around where they’re heading: to help engage and galvanise employees, to provide an anchor point for leaders, create more relevance for customers, bring confidence for investors. Succinct, differentiating, meaningful, it can be a powerful tool that adds value to everything it touches.
Proposition and positioning
Defining your place in the market and your offer to your customers requires a grasp of both the art and science of brand. It depends on a highly insightful, evidence-led understanding of your market dynamics, competitor positioning and opportunity spaces; and then a bold creative idea to bring your promise vividly to life.
Visual Identity
Including the full visual vocabulary of your brand: colourways, type, assets and visual architecture that create a system fully adaptable to the myriad ways in which brands now go to market: working across live, still, animated and film environments, bold, distinctive, compelling designs that drive choice and preference.
Tone of Voice
Finding, defining then codifying your voice requires empathy, understanding and a practical sense of what’s needed day to day to communicate effectively with all your stakeholders.
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