Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at People Made
At People-Made, our purpose is to inspire positive action through people – and that starts with us. Within our company and through the work we do with our clients, we are committed to fostering cultures of inclusion, empowerment and respect.
Creating safe and supportive environments where everyone can have a voice, experience equal opportunity, and be their authentic self, everyday – where all individuals are actively invited and encouraged to not just participate in the culture, but to actively help shape it.
Through a variety of internal and external efforts, we strive for inclusion and equality for all.
Always listening and learning
We actively promote and encourage continuous learning on issues pertaining to race, diversity and discrimination. Through active listening, sharing knowledge and continuing to build our resources, we are committed to always advancing our awareness and education on issues of race both inside and outside of work.
Continuing the conversation
We are committed to ensuring the conversation around diversity, equality and inclusion does not falter. So, each month, we will come together as a company to review the steps we are taking to ensure we, and our clients, keep DE&I top of mind and discuss what further actionable steps we can make towards improvement in this area.
Speaking and acting up
We do not, and will not, tolerate racism or discrimination in the workplace – and this equally applies to those we work with. In our own interactions and those with clients and partners, we always act with respect and integrity in all circumstances and encourage employees to report and act upon any issues that may arise.
Partnering for better
At People Made, we are continually asked to create creative and strategic solutions for our clients. The best way to achieve this is by incorporating the diverse perspectives of a well-rounded team in terms of skills, knowledge and backgrounds. We are therefore committed to building and maintaining a diverse group of business partners and suppliers through working with small or minority-owned businesses and freelancers and ensuring equal opportunity when it comes to working together.
Seeking out difference
At People-Made, we strive to create a place where our people and our culture reflect and celebrate our DE&I beliefs and commitments. To continuously improve in this area will require that we actively seek out difference and ensure we are providing greater access and opportunity to those from diverse backgrounds, experience and perspectives.
Supporting minority-owned businesses
We strive to help all good businesses win – and one of the ways we achieve this is through making our services and support more accessible by providing discounted rates to minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.