New state of play for a global mobile gaming company
Following hyper-growth, global expansion and faced with upcoming acquisition series, Israeli-based mobile gaming company Playtika came to us with a big ambition: build a world-class entertainment brand and help pave the way for their future.
Starting with the concept of play itself, we built a game-changing brand strategy to optimise the portfolio and guide future decision-making on acquisitions and game development – working with global teams to define the culture and unite the business.
A play led proposition for a games-first company
Through deep immersion and analysis, we defined the optimum opportunity and architecture for the brand – one that allowed each game and studio to maintain their unique identities whilst simultaneously creating an overarching Masterbrand proposition to strengthen the portfolio.
The core idea ​‘infinite ways to play’, brings together multiple aspects of the brand and business – infinite different games; infinite opportunities for acquisition and category development; many different ways for customers to play and interact with the games, and diverse talent within the business.
A world-class entertainer and employer
In addition to developing the brand proposition, we engaged leadership and employees across the global offices to build the right internal culture, one that together with a new purpose and values, would help to drive the desired change and behaviours across the business. Through interviews and workshops, we defined the talent needs and drivers in each location, bearing in mind specific role requirements and cultural nuances to create an approach that would resonate with employees internally, and help to attract top talent externally
Creatively capturing the spirit of infinite ways to play
To bake the idea of ​‘infinite ways to play’ into the creative and bring the proposition to life, we worked in partnership to develop an abstract, flexible identity system that would allow the portfolio studios to maintain part of their own creative spirit whilst becoming part of the larger group. Combined with an evolved logo and logotype, the result was an identity that gave the brand more confidence and presence, and allowed it to work more cohesively with the content of their sub-brands.
A refreshed brand, poised for growth
Through our work, we developed a strong Masterbrand proposition and architecture to support Playtika’s future ambitions and defined a strong, globally flexible employee value proposition to attract and retain the best talent in each location – all brought to life through a flexible and striking identity.
The culmination of our work resulted in their recent IPO valued at $13 billion – the largest IPO ever held by an Israeli company.
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