Activating a bold new strategy to reinvent an industry giant
The brand name might not be familiar at first glance, but NCR’s payment processing products and services – from ATMs to retail and banking infrastructure – impact on us all on a daily basis.
When it sought our help, the solutions provider was undergoing a major transition that would fundamentally redefine its position in the market: making that difficult shift from selling products to providing services.
On the front line of this change was the global consulting and professional services team. More than any other, the ability of this team to shift gear and mindset would be key to changing customer expectations and perceptions, ultimately enabling the successful repositioning of the business.
The solution
Building around a critical business milestone, we helped the team re-articulate its strategy, then realise it through a global communication and launch plan; supporting roll-out and the process of embedding right across the global team:
  • Crafting a powerful and meaningful encapsulation of the strategy, then engaging the team though a sequence of powerful hacks that made real the promise of new beginnings
  • Through the process, creating buzz and anticipation that demonstrated real and significant difference through a radically new approach
  • Helping the team to reimagine itself, shifting perceptions of customers and stakeholders, but also within themselves too
  • Ultimately to build understanding, confidence and self-belief, inspire new ways of working to become the true industry authority.
The impact
NCR is now moving positively toward the end-game of its strategy, spinning off the digital services business from the legacy ATM arm; made possible by our successful reorientation that continued to fuel growth even as the business was transforming. Analysts Alpha said this year - “NCR has continued its successful transition from one-time, open-ended sales to multi-year, subscription-based revenue streams. Adjusted EBITDA increased $31 million to $302 million, representing 11% year-over-year growth”.
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