Uniting a global team through a dynamic, people-led EVP
The challenge
Meta is one of the biggest players in the tech engineering space, having evolved from Facebook the platform into a brand that represents much more than social networks. A global powerhouse focused on AI-driven innovation, they needed to reinvent themselves to connect with external talent and better position the company outside of simply being Facebook.
For many at Meta, being there was to be part of a supportive, global community of diverse and talented individuals who collaborate to deliver work that makes a difference. Where we came in was to help them better articulate and share their unique story by engaging with the people who were paving the way for Meta’s exciting future.
The solution
We immediately recognised that Meta needed a shared narrative that highlighted its culture to unite its global teams and a clear EVP that could capture and showcase its distinctive employee experience to the best talent.
To create an authentic and truly global EVP that reflected core truths about working at Meta, we knew we needed to understand the business from every perspective. So, we:
  • Took a segmented approach to make sure we covered views from across teams and locations, at all levels of seniority and across different diversity groups.
  • Led a culture study of more than 500 people through a mix of focus groups, individual interviews and surveys to capture a wide range of inputs and insights.
  • Conducted additional deep analysis of the career needs and priorities of the engineering community that Meta was looking to attract.
Our comprehensive research helped us deliver an overarching EVP that captured the past, present and future trajectory of Meta. We also created a bespoke engineering EVP, designed to inspire the global engineers needed to deliver on the company’s bold new mission. A messaging framework was created to support the EVPs and adapt to the needs of each region and segment while retaining the core messages and ideologies of Meta’s compelling proposition.
The impact
Together, we helped Meta forge a sense of global unity and help prospective candidates understand its strong, supportive and exciting culture. The new EVP offers a sense of certainty within a business and industry where change is a constant, and clarity around the direction of the culture and business.
We’re now supporting Meta with the rollout of its EVP, as well as additional projects to supercharge its engineering recruitment drive and improve awareness of its unique culture.
We have also partnered to plan, facilitate and deliver an Employee Experience lab to more intentionally define the Meta global Employee Experience and unite global leadership around one EX vision.
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