Creating a solid foundation for growth
The challenge
cardfactory came to us with ambitious growth plans. It wanted to scale its business, increase market penetration and shift its image perception, without straying from its roots or diminishing its unique cultural magic.
cardfactory also needed to find ways to stay ahead of increasingly fierce competition – particularly from online retailers and grocers – by catering to broader audiences’ needs and buying behaviours. It was now or never, and we were excited to partner with them on a bold transformation journey.
The solution
First, we set down strong foundations for growth and to bring the brand to life from the inside out. We gave cardfactory a clear directional focus with a robust and compelling brand strategy that would guide its activities and decision-making.
Next, we translated the strategy into a brand personality and distinctive tone of voice to enable the brand to communicate in a consistent and creative way. We used these tools to refresh the visual identity and create clear assets that could inspire future creative work.
Our next step was to bring the brand to life internally and externally through a brand-led customer experience strategy. Its goal was to deliver a consistent, distinctive cardfactory experience across omnichannel touchpoints.
We also helped to define a new brand architecture to make products easier to navigate and maximise range opportunities. This work led to a new product strategy, with more opportunities to expand into new categories and price points.
Our final piece of creative work was to bring the refreshed values and strategy to life through an inspiring culture film, which told cardfactory’s story for it’s key stakeholders.
We wrapped up deliverables into a brand playbook, a customer insights playbook and visual identity guidelines. These gave cardfactory all the tools it needed to implement the brand consistently and creatively.
The impact
Brian Waring, Customer Director, on our work and its transformative results:
“The quality of thinking has been first class and has really delivered. The entire People-Made team were a joy to work with. They brilliantly engaged our wider team and cardfactory organisation, working hard to understand us as a business and as people. The work has created the foundations and momentum for transforming our brand, and how we bring it to life across all touchpoints, both internally and externally.”
And from a business growth perspective, cardfactory goes strength to strength with impressive results in financial year FY23 and at interims FY24.
Lastly the dial is moving as well for service experience, with an improved service delivery revealing the highest scores to date.
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