Burger King
Defining the way of the Whopper
Burger King UK defined a bold new brand strategy to take them from good to legendary – and fuel their ambition for everyone to have ​‘Burger King, Your Way’ as they prepared to grow across the UK. We worked with the People team to translate their purpose and beliefs into a series of red-hot behaviours to help the brand be lived and breathed everywhere from BK HQ to each drive thru.
Written for their people by their people
We designed a 160 employee ​‘mass-scrawl’ and behaviours hackathon as part of the ​‘Our Way’ event to gather employees’ opinions on the behaviours and capabilities they saw today and wanted to see in the future to create excitement for the future and kick-start commitment to change.
Our behaviours, our way
We decoded the insights, then locked ourselves away in Burger King HQ to co-create the behaviours framework for employees (being it) and leaders (leading it). Each core Belief was supported by a Behaviour which broke down into clear actionable statements to help managers and leaders drive consistent measured performance in a way that felt authentic and true to Burger King. 
Bringing it to life
We worked with the People team to help them define their 3‑year People Strategy – a pragmatic roadmap that identified and prioritised the people-related workstreams (in alignment with the business strategy) and translated their goals into measurable actions – all to help take BKUK from good to legendary.

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