Embedding a global growth mindset
Developing tailored and united global EVPs to reaffirm AstraZeneca’s strength
AstraZeneca’s had a phenomenal journey of transformation and after defining the global EVP and employer brand in 2016 they asked us to refresh it in 2019 – faced with a new challenge. The work pushed boundaries to unite the workforce behind one globally differentiating EVP and Employer Brand to accelerate growth, reaffirm their strength and resonate with an increasingly diverse business in a way that’s both human and digital.
Our deepest segmentation yet
We engaged with 1,050 people in 23 markets over the course of three months to create an EVP for each of the nine business units, tailored messaging for three priority talent segments in each of the business units and one global EVP that united the diverse teams and disciplines in the business.
An EVP to push boundaries 
Three important themes sat at the heart of our EVP – a deep-seated belief in the power of diverse people and thinking, a drive to keep pushing the boundaries and for it all to connect with AstraZeneca’s inspiring purpose. These themes shaped our Global EVP statement: Diverse Minds. Bold Disruptors. Meaningful Impact.
A bespoke Employer Brand portal
We helped build a portal to house the work for their EBRM and Talent Acquisition teams to access – this included our 10 EVPs, tailored recruitment messaging, creative guidelines, Employer Brand toolkit guides and templates (social posts, digital banners, emails, e‑flyers etc), as well as training materials. 
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