Global People Promise and
Employer Brand Activation

Criteo came to us to help decode their global culture and develop an EVP to win the hearts and minds of current and future talent. Operating in a highly competitive tech talent market, a unique and differentiated proposition built from their core founder-led values and rooted in their French origins was essential. The answer lay within the people themselves so we went native, running focus groups around the world to uncover the cultural ingredients that make them who they are, introducing a highly playful employer brand identity and culture film to tell the story across their most important talent channels. 

A culture of Universal Challengers

Globally united by a common passion for technology, strong community and energy. 

Criteo Paris 1300
Criteo London 0783
11 00 NYC

Activating the People Promise

Social channels played a key role in brining the people promise to life for both existing employees around the world and future talent. 

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