Embedding a global
growth mindset

AstraZeneca approached us to develop a global EVP and people strategy that would resonate across the whole business to help it integrate into one overarching brand. To get under the skin of the organisation, we went native, engaging with just 1,030 employees in just six weeks to get to know each of the silos and understand local needs and tastes. We united the workforce behind a globally differentiating people strategy and common vision for their culture – and, by linking it to their business strategy – helped employees step-up to deliver their bold ambition together. 

Around the world in 6 weeks 

We created a flexible research programme that enabled us to gather insights from different cultures and job roles across 12 countries; from full-day hackathons with 80 people to local language focus groups and 1:1 ride-alongs with the sales team. 

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