Defining the
Wagamama magic

Since opening in 1992 there has been a Wagamama magic’, something that has shaped their success and defined who they are, but had never been captured. We worked with Wagamama to articulate what makes them so special, uncovering a unique and vibrant culture that sets them apart. We captured it in a culture blueprint and brand strategy, including a bold new purpose, to mark a new chapter in their story that will help to keep them zigging when others zag.

Wagas conference

Going native

To get under the skin of Wagamama we visited restaurants from Edinburgh to Portsmouth, speaking with both kitchen and front of house staff to understand what makes a Wagamama person?’ and what makes Wagamama so special?’. 

Wagas crew 2
Wagas crew

A uniquely Wagamama culture

Our indepth insights formed the foundation for our work across both brand and culture. We found it was a safe sanctuary, a place free from judgement, allowing people to be true to themselves. We described it as a place of kintsugi people, where imperfection isn’t hidden.

Bringing it to life

Our work was launched across their two-day annual conference, where Doug hosted a panel discussion on mental health challenges faced in modern society. To deliver on their purpose, this was an area we identified as important to wagamama, as well as mindful eating and radical inclusion.

Wagas conference 2