The Very Group

Bringing together
the worlds of
retail, finance
and technology

When we met, Shop Direct were soon to become The Very Group – the perfect time to re-evaluate their culture and encapsulate it in a new people promise, for their new world. We worked closely with the PLT and Exec Board, getting stuck into big philosophical questions – what to protect and enshrine, what to change and adapt – and how best to balance their need to be a retail, financial services and tech / data business all at once. The result? A Culture Strategy and EVP to bring back the buzz – and one every part of the business could get behind. The EVP focused on what The Very Group are better than anyone at – Reinvention! – and paired it with a mission-driven invitation to Join the reinvention and rewrite retail’. 

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A transformational culture model

As the business geared up for huge change, the direction for the culture needed to be set from the top. We ran a short, sharp set of workshops with the PLT and Exec board to develop a bespoke culture model, outlining the interdependencies and nuances of their culture to give them a strategic guide to transform the business, drive productivity and performance.

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An EVP system for a complex business 

We translated the overarching EVP for each of part of The Very Group – breaking down the proposition to show how each team contributed to the EVP and creating targeted messaging for each talent segment highlighting individual benefits and nuances for the distinct groups. 

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Bringing it to life 

Never ones to shy away the possibility of party – the EVP was well and truly brought to life in a series of launch events including all-staff balcony briefings, Street events, Culture Weeks, Values Safaris and captured in a culture book that weaved the EVP, culture and values together in a oh-so-Very way.