Stella McCartney

Decoding a 
sustainability pioneer

Culture definition & values

At a time of rapid growth, Stella asked us to decode the essence of the brand: its values, its language and its rituals – so they could stay true to their beliefs as they expanded globally. A creative brand demanded a creative answer, so we had to come at it from a radical new direction. 

What makes a Stella person?

The answer was to shoot a 15min documentary film, Stella Life, where we interviewed and went behind the scenes with colleagues in London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Tokyo and New York. Screened live in London, and then all over the world, it unearthed the insights and created the platform we needed to develop their values, talent story, learning programmes and more. 

Gathering global insights first-hand

By filming and interviewing Stella employees in 6 different countries, we were able to gain deep insights into ways of working, personal values, brand engagement drivers, and local and cultural variances.

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Translating culture into retail stores

Beyond Stella Life, we created a concept called collection stories’ – films that deeply engaged store colleagues with the detail and narrative behind each new collection. It created a much closer connection with the product, brand and design team.

A creative and personal approach

Where others might have expected a PowerPoint or strategy model, the team at Stella pushed us to approach this in a more creative way – that’s how we arrived at the idea of a documentary film, something visual and personal that would showcase it all.

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