Sons of London

Disrupting the
luxury footwear market

The luxury men’s shoes market had been a closed shop for generations; costly, inaccessible and overly-traditional. Founder Sep Oboudiyat wanted to create a brand that would disrupt the entire industry, cutting out the middleman and selling exquisite shoes direct-to-consumers at exceptional prices. We developed a new proposition, the definitive men’s shoe collection (the sons’), and translated that into a new brand identity across product, packaging, online, offline, as well as a film that showcased their Italian artisans.

A bold challenger identity

It was clear from the start that we had to tell the story of a direct-to-consumer model. Cutting out the middle-man meant a minimal, brave and bold tone, something that informed our approach to sharp lines, clean form, bold font, and a monochrome palette.

Sons of london
SOL YCN Case Study 08

Across product and packaging

Our work shaped every part of the offer, from the insoles and outer soles of the shoe, to the product packaging, customer experience and marketing communications. By having that level of control, we were able to connect every aspect of the brand as one.

Celebrating true craftsmanship

Without a physical store, we had to work harder than most to get across the level of quality and artisan skill involved in every shoe. Shooting a film allowed us to showcase the craftsmanship in a raw, genuine and elegant way.

Sons of London Factory shoot sole detail