Shaping a new set of values for banking

We met AIB UK after one of the most difficult periods in banking history — fresh out the financial crisis and in the shadow of bailouts, there were complex and deep-rooted challenges to address. We embarked on a transformation programme to win back customer trust and deliver commercial stability. Our work focused on strengthening the brand and driving a culture to enable the bank to succeed. This yielded impressive results for AIB UK who have seen operating contribution increase by 32% over two years.

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Customer needs at our heart

The transformation needed to be driven and defined by their customers’ needs so our starting point was to understand what our customers want from their bank today and in the future, how they use them and what kind of relationship they want with them.

Building a bank for the future

Our culture change programme was designed to shift mindset and behaviours towards balanced risk and innovation, a greater sense of ownership and accountability, and a customer-centric approach. Creating the right culture enables the bank to fulfil their strategy and purpose. 

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Ongoing honest assessment

Nurturing the right culture requires a commitment to assess how well the bank is doing. To track progress towards our culture ambition we built a detailed culture model, this was developed into a dashboard for leaders; to track progress across each dimension of AIB UK’s defined culture.